Dealing with insurance companies while planning and overseeing the progress of your remodeling project can be a challenging task.  At Five Star Improvements, we’ve seen it on countless occasions and understand just how frustrating the process can be.  With that as our motivation we work directly with your insurance company throughout the process, to streamline the claims process while implementing the best solution for you housing damage repairs.

roof repair

Considering the volume of issues homeowners have to deal with after a catastrophe, we help by handing a generous portion of the insurance claims process.  Whether it’s basic repairs, complex renovations, or complete rebuilding as a result of storm damage, tree damage, fire damage, water and ice damage or any others, we make sure there are no administrative snags in the process.

  • We work directly with insurance companies to save your time
  • Our expertise and contacts can help expedite the claims process
  • Services include permits, paper work, follow-up calls, inspections and more
  • Allows you to focus more closely on other home and family responsibilities
  • Ensures that no critical document or detail is overlooked during claims

Committed to Helping You Get Back to Life Sooner

Having worked with so many WNY homeowners who’ve been through a disaster, we know all too well the stress that goes with it.  Dealing with your homeowners insurance company shouldn’t be one more stressor on an already saturated list.  Let our team deal directly with your carrier so you can focus on getting back to reality in the shortest timeframe possible.

To learn more about how we help expedite the claims and repair process, or for answers to any questions you might have about rebuilding after a disaster or catastrophe, reach out to Five Star Improvements today at 585-256-1844 and we’ll give you our undivided attention.  You can also email us through our website’s secured contact page.