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When Ice Damming begins to form on your roof, it’s vital to take action immediately. These bulky walls of ice prevent snow melt from properly draining away, and are almost always the result of an underlying roofing or insulation issue.  Ignoring the problem or simply waiting for things to melt won’t fix it, and can end up causing significant and costly damage to your roof or residential structure.  At Five Star Improvements in Rochester, we utilize the most advanced equipment and technology to accurately identify the root cause of your ice damming issues, before offering practical and affordable measures to effectively resolve it.

Taking swift action is one of the most important ways to prevent ice damming from doing further damage your roof, attic or interior.  Here are a few of the most common causes of ice damming and what to consider if you’re concerned about its formation or progression.

  • Damaged, aging or improperly installed ventilation systems
  • Cracks, gaps or other noticeable air leaks from your attic
  • Degraded, improperly applied or old fiberglass insulation
  • Subtle or slow-forming damage to roofing system or shingles
  • Moisture run-off from secondary structures, levels or additions
  • Uneven roofing surfaces, drainage separation or edge buckling

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At Five Star Improvements, we understand how frustrating it can be trying to diagnose slow or fast-forming ice dams.  We invite you to discover why so many other homeowners throughout Rochester and WNY continue to trust in our expertise and wide-ranging experience.  Our team can quickly identify the problem and present all available options, to help you contain and eliminate any underlying issues.

To learn more about how we address residential ice damming problems or to schedule an appointment at your home, get in touch with Five Star Improvements today and we’ll be happy to help.  We can be reached by phone at 585-256-1844 or via email through our contact page.

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