The intense storms that hit Rochester and other parts of Western NY in late March, brought a level of damage that most homeowners have never seen and were completely unprepared for.  Some of the worst victims incurred missing shingles and sections of roofs, structural damage from falling trees, blown out windows, and many other forms of destruction. This should serve as a reminder of the truly destructive power of Mother Nature, as many are still picking up the pieces from these record-setting winds.

If you're among those who are still struggling to get life back to normal, it's important to work with a residential repair company who understands and truly empathizes with what you're facing in the weeks and months ahead.  Here are a few ways in which 5 Star Home Improvement can help after experiencing substantial damage after the March wind storms.

2017 Windstorm of Rochester NY

Affordable, Expert Roof Repairs

Cleaning up after a storm is something that no one ever looks forward to, and depending on your level of damage, it can be financially scary as well.  When your roof is damaged, time is not on your side.  5 Star understands how stressful this time is, and we do everything we can to offer a superior level of roof services at rates that won't add to your stress level.

Replacing Damaged or Broken Windows

Given enough force, record wind gusts can turn tree limbs, patio furniture and children's toys into projectiles that break or damage windows.  Replacing or having them repaired in a timely manner is important for both the function and energy efficiency of your home.  5 Star Improvements can help ensure that they're properly replaced or repaired quickly, accurately and affordably.

Simple to Significant Structural Repairs

We've heard stories of homeowners who lost sections of their homes as a result of the March windstorm, including gutters, siding, decks and more.  If you suffered similar damage, waiting too long to have the damage repaired may only cause more issues.  Our team can assess the damage at no charge, before presenting you with a range of options on how to repair and protect your home against future storm damage.

5 Star Helps Homeowners Recover Quickly

For more information on our full offering of affordable storm and wind damage repairs in the Rochester NY region, or to schedule a free at home estimate and consultation with one of our staff experts, call 5 Star Home Improvements whenever it's convenient at 585-256-1844.  You can also write to us in confidence through our secure website's contact page.