New Vinyl Siding Home Valuev

Regardless of whether you're selling, buying, or the recent purchaser of a home in the Rochester area, it doesn't take a large brain to know when your siding has simply had it. Selling a home with siding that's aged, dented and warped is about as desirable as being shown one in similar condition. And for those who have no plans of moving, having to look at said eyesore, every day, can be both frustrating and embarrassing.

While this article is informally being written for those wondering if new siding can improve home value, the information we'll discuss is just as relevant for anyone considering some exterior home improvements this year.

Enhance Appearance to Encourage Prospective Buyers

There's been a lot of market research done over the years on which feature of a home firsts draws a buyer's interest, and exterior structure is consistently ranked among the most visible. Having outdated, damaged or discolored siding replaced with clean, new vinyl, can make a powerful first impression on buyers and guests, respectively.

Freedom to Create Unique Exterior Color Combinations

There was a time when siding was limited to all of five or six color options, but today the selection has increased somewhat exponentially. There are many shades within shades to choose from, with the option of having custom colors to create truly one-of-a-kind exterior motifs. Color and high-contrast trim is another excellent way to distinguish your home from others in the same market.

Energy-efficient Benefits with Minimal Maintenance

Aside from their sleek, stellar looks, homes with new vinyl siding also offer some additional perks to would-be buyers. First, it's incredibly easy to care for... requiring nothing more than a good hosing-off from time to time. Next, (and this is especially true when siding is new and has been professionally installed), it can offer a nice boost in energy efficiency. As an added bonus, when the time comes for the buyer to replace it, it's also one of the most affordable options.

If you're interested in learning more about the advantages of replacing your siding before you sell, or to schedule a free estimate at your location, we invite you to reach out for any questions you may have on vinyl siding. Five Star Improvements is an experienced, professional Rochester NY siding installer with a reputation built on providing unmatched value, expertise and professionalism.

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