When the time comes to repair or replace your roof, one of the most obvious concerns that comes to mind is cost.  As a result many homeowners, understandably, spend countless hours looking for Rochester roofing companies with the lowest rates.  Sadly, it's not until the work begins when these same cost-conscious individuals get a clear idea of why their quote was so low.  Exceedingly low rates usually come with lack of technology, lack of concern, or a costly mix of the two.

At Five Star Improvements we work hard to bridge the gap between affordable roofing and service that utilizes technology, talent and processes you might expect to pay a premium for.

The Equipter RB4000 Makes Roofing Cleaner and More Efficient

Our recent investment in a state-of-the-art Equipter RB4000 is just another example of the efforts we impart to expedite job time, all while protecting your property.

  • Collects shingles as they're removed to eliminate contact with your landscape
  • Eliminates lengthy cleanup and removal time to reduce costs and hauling fees
  • Keeps your yard, patio and landscape free of debris from roofing materials
  • Drastically increases the cleanliness and efficiency of your roof replacement
  • Prevents possible injuries by ensuring that nails or sharp objects are removed
  • Reduces environmental stress and leaves your yard looking immaculate

Traditional roof tear-downs require several extra steps, and this is a known way to increase the billable hours on your replacement.  While others look for clever ways to pad your invoice, we're committed to making the process as clean, efficient and safe as possible.

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