Whether you’ve recently had new vinyl siding installed on your home or are in the process of doing so, it’s important to know the correct and most effective ways to clean and maintain it for years of good looks and reliable protection. Fortunately, maintaining and cleaning vinyl siding is relatively easy and can be done on your own, without the need for professional equipment or hired cleaning professionals. It’s important, however, to start the routine cleaning and maintenance from the onset of installation… not years down the road when the process can be far more tedious and time consuming.  

If your goal is to preserve the pristine appearance of your new vinyl siding while ensuring the highest levels of protection, performance and value, regular cleaning and light maintenance is a very smart move.  Here are a few practical tips and reminders when it comes to keeping your home’s new vinyl siding clean, strong and visibly appealing. 

  • Power washers should be held perfectly straight or downward, never pointed upward
  • When hand washing vinyl siding, use a soft bristle brush to prevent surface scratches
  • Popular vinyl siding cleaners include Simple Green®, Lysol®, Fantastic®, Mr. Clean® etc.
  • Cover exposed areas when painting, staining furniture or doing other outdoor projects
  • Keep firepits and grills at a safe distance to help prevent discoloration from smoke
  • Use a 70/30 vinegar/water solution mixt to clean difficult stains and surface debris

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