When you consider that no storm ever comes with good timing, it's important to know who to call when the worst befalls your home.  In Rochester and throughout Western NY, more homeowners continue to trust 5 Star Home Improvements for fast, reliable emergency roofing service and repairs.

Emergency Roof Repair in Rochester NY

Advanced Roof Repair Technology

We've seen first-hand the difference that leading-edge equipment and technology can make when you need immediate service.  Over the years we've continued to make significant investments in our roof repair systems.  This allows our roofers to work more efficiently without compromising the quality of your service, on everything from blown-off shingles, gutters and drainage systems, as well as more significant structural roofing damage.

Skilled, Experienced Pro Roofers

Each member of our emergency response team comes to us with vast experience on a wide range of roofing styles and repair scenarios.  They receive ongoing internal and manufacturer-provided training to ensure that repairs are made accurately and in the most timely manner possible. This results in service you can rely on regardless of the hour or damage levels, at rates that are always more competitive in WNY.

Rapid 24 Hour Roof Repair Dispatch

If a severe storm wreaks havoc on your roof in the middle of the night, the last thing you want to do is wait until morning to start the cleanup and repair process.  At 5 Star Home Improvements we know that storms don’t take a break after hours, so we do our very best to stay one step ahead of whatever Mother Nature might bring overnight.

Whether you're dealing with roof damage right now or looking to stay proactive against future storms, 5 Star Home Improvements can be reached day or night by calling 585-256-1844.  We hope you never have to make that call, but we'll be here if you do.