Children playing outside is common in many neighborhoods in Rochester, NY, as well as in pop culture. However, these outside activities can place the windows of neighbors at risk – a baseball flying through a window is one of the most common tropes in literature, movies, and TV shows. Here are some of the most famous scenes where kids broke their neighbor’s windows.

Broken Window Replacement

#1: Honey, I Shrunk the Kids

In the famous 1989 film about an inventor who shrinks his and his next-door neighbor’s children, the character Ron Thompson accidentally hits a baseball through his neighbor’s window. This ball ends up setting off the shrinking machine, leading to the ensuing shrinkage and hijinks.

#2: The Mighty Ducks

The famous hockey film puts a twist on the window-breaking trope. In the film, a character named Fulton breaks a window on his future coach’s van while playing hockey. This action leads to the coach recruiting him to play for the Ducks.

#3: Leave It to Beaver

In the classic TV show’s episode “The Broken Window,” the characters Wally and Beaver Cleaver are playing baseball outside with their friends. One of their friends, Eddie Haskell, hits a baseball through the living room window of the Cleavers – leaving Wally and Beaver to deal with the consequences.

#4: The Powerpuff Girls

One episode of this cartoon about little girl superheroes began with this trope. The Powerpuff Girls are playing outside when they accidentally throw a ball through the window of their nemesis Mojo Jojo. This villain uses this occurrence as an excuse to destroy the Powerpuff Girls once and for all.

Kids breaking their neighbors’ windows doesn’t just exist in the book and movie world, however. Accidents happen every day and you might find yourself with a ball through your window. Do you need a window replacement in Rochester, NY? Contact Five Star Improvements to schedule your appointment today.